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Current sermon series

The Gospel of Luke Sermon Series:

Join us as we dive into the Gospel of Luke.  In Luke’s Gospel we see how Jesus loves sinners (just like us) and calls them to repentance in order to be in community with Him. 

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The Gospel of Luke Sermon Series: A Story for Sinners and Sufferers square image with photos depicting stories from the Gospel of Luke

One church, three expressions

A church is not a place but a people in whom Jesus’ grace finds expression. We have the joy of seeing Jesus express His grace in three unique locations.





West Seattle


What we value

The Table

Jesus leverages ordinary moments for extraordinary purposes. So, we value turning our tables into places of grace, community, and mission.

The Towel

Jesus came not to be served but to serve. So, we value serving one another as well as our neighbors both near and far.

The Tourniquet

Our deepest wounds are worship wounds. So, we value the gospel’s ability to bring healing to the deep places of our lives.

The Toast

Life is hard and can be discouraging. So, we value honoring, encouraging, and celebrating evidences of grace in one another’s lives.

Blogs, updates and resources

A Time for Awe

A Time for More Awe by Kim Arthur “And awe came upon every soul” (Acts 2:43).  In Acts 1, we see that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to empower Jesus’ followers to live differently–to live in a way that testifies to the gospel to the ends of the earth (1:7-8). In Acts 2,...

The Problem with Endurance

As Christians, what is the role of endurance in our lives, ministry, and faith? Is there a right or wrong kind of endurance?

A Time to Prepare: Lent

A Time to Prepare: Lent by Jake Hess   I had a Covid wedding. The ceremony was simple, the food was quant, the crowd was light. But even with the necessary reductions of having a wedding in the middle of a pandemic, the season of preparation leading up to the big...

A Time to Fast and Pray

Check out this brief intro to fasting and prayer as our church enters into a time of fasting and prayer.

A Time to Speak Truth–To Yourself

Pictured above: Pastor Jeff Hundley of our Edmonds Expression preaching from Luke 12:4-12 last Sunday. by Kim Arthur | Hallows Communications Director   "The battle is to take God at His Word without wavering in fear and in doubt. I hope you will allow me to...

A Christmas Eve Prayer

O God,
As we gather on this Eve of Christmas anxiously awaiting for tomorrow to dawn, we stop to consider the purpose of this season.

A Weary World Rejoices

My husband and I had only been married three weeks when we made our trek across the country to settle in Seattle.

Advent: The Gift of Waiting

I don’t consider myself to be a patient person. I get frustrated if the item I want to order on Amazon won’t get to me in two days. I’m bothered if the line to the grocery checkout is almost down to the food aisle. I have to push down irritation when traffic builds up on the highway. I don’t like waiting.


Coming out of a global pandemic, Americans appear more attuned than ever to the
importance of friendship. However, despite renewed interest in the topic of friendship
signs suggest that the role of friends in American social life is experiencing a sharp

Waiting on the LORD

It has been a busy season. The details don’t matter, but what does is that in this season I have heard a
gentle whisper from the Lord to wait on him.

For Unto Us is Given… a Prince of Peace

One of the first statements declared about the gift of Jesus was by a multitude of angels to a few shepherds in a field, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” (Luke 2:14) Like the climate of that time, we live in a time where peace is desperately sought after and rarely found in the hearts of people.

For Unto Us is Given… an Everlasting Father

In recent years, our culture has been working to redefine what the ideal father looks like. Traditionally, we have valued the security found in role of a father as a provider and stable authority. Presently, we have added values such as caring, present, supportive, and guiding. All of these elements of fatherhood and more are found in descriptions of our Good Father in the Bible.

For Unto Us is Given… a Mighty God

Last week we took a look at how Jesus was given as a gift to us so that we would have an ever-present counselor. This week we are discussing how He not only guides us, but whatever He guides us to, He can do.

For Unto Us is Given a Wonderful Counselor

As a counselor, you can imagine I particularly appreciate this attribute of God. In John 14:16, when Jesus was headed toward the cross in his final days, He told His followers that we are sent a paraklētos- a helper, comforter, advocate, counselor- the Holy Spirit. All of us who have the Holy Spirit, have access to His counsel at any time for any reason. It is literally a purpose of His Spirit within us.

Happily Ever After

In-fact, it seems more often than not life is pretty hard. There is real struggle, pain, and suffering in this life. Yet, in the midst of all that sucks I believe that there is hope.


I have the tendency to be an overly busy person. I don’t know about you, but when I am not rushing around doing something I can often feel as though I am wasting my time.

Church History at a Glance Part 5- The 20th Century

In the twentieth and twenty-first century, no issue was more attacked in Protestant Christianity than the issue of truth. The truth was being attacked under various agencies, each determined to thwart the stability of truth and Christian orthodoxy in their fields.

Church History at a Glance Part 3: The 18th Century

The eighteenth-century is a significant period in Protestant church history specifically and the Western world more broadly. The eighteenth-century was a period of pursuit and unconcealed, unabashed search for meaning in a changing world.

Church History at a Glance Part 2: The 17th Century

The three most important issues to be discussed in the Seventeenth century are the practical theology of the Puritans, the Westminster Confession of Faith, and Francis Bacon’s philosophical reconstruction.

Church History at a Glance. Part 1: “The 16th Century”

The Reformation period, particularly within the 16th Century, continues to mark some of the most historic moments in Church History. The Reformation is largely known for the Christian church’s separation of Catholicism and Protestantism. This is the case, but some particular moments gave way to much movement towards Protestantism.

Intentional Insomnia

It’s frustrating. Laying awake, watching the minutes turn into hours. Knowing that tomorrow you will not be functioning well during your daily activities. I love Job’s description, “When I lie down I say, ‘When shall I arise?’ But the night is long, and I am full of tossing till the dawn.” (Job 7:4 ESV)

Christianity & Creativity: Part 4

As followers of Christ, we are called to worship God in every area of life, including the arts! All of us, whether a formal artist or not, have some creativity to share with the world.

Christianity & Creativity: Part 3

As followers of Christ, we are called to worship God in every area of life, including the arts! This Week we will focus on our responsibility as the consumer.

Be Angry, and Do Not Sin: Part 2- Fighting Fair

Be Angry, and Do Not Sin, Part 2- Fighting Fair by Courtney San Miguel   My last blog post discussed the first half of Ephesians 4:26- Be angry and do not sin.  I recommended excusing yourself from a situation in order to use calming techniques before choosing to...

Be Angry, and Do Not Sin

“Be angry and do not sin;” is a question that is asked a lot. Find out more about how anger doesn’t have to lead to sin and how we were meant to be slaves to anger.

Jesus Wept

How does Jesus respond to tragedies? How can Christians share the hope of Christ?

Attributes of God: God is Holy

What are the attributes of God? Discover and consider a few of God’s attributes through this short blog series. Today’s attribute: Holy.

Attributes of God: God is Creator

What are the attributes of God? Discover and consider a few of God’s attributes through this short blog series. Today’s attribute: Creator.

Attributes of God: God is Provider

What are the attributes of God? Discover and consider a few of God’s attributes through this short blog series. Today’s attribute: provider.

Attributes of God: God is Sovereign

In our attributes of God series, we consider today it means that God is sovereign, and how God’s sovereignty is good for us today.

Attributes of God: God is Accessible

The word accessible means “easy to approach; having the right to come into.” We sinful humans have no right to come before a holy God. God is perfect, glorious, honorable and completely holy.

Attributes of God: God is Faithful

What are the attributes of God? Discover and consider a few of God’s attributes through this short blog series. Today’s attribute: faithful.

An Open Letter: Testing Out My Faith

An Open Letter: Testing Out My Faith by Emily Shutsky I am sitting down to write this right after getting back home from the incredible Hallows 10th anniversary celebration, my stomach in elated leaps after being filled with the most delicious cake made by Debs...

Gospel-Oriented Rhythms: Faith and Fitness

Check out this Gospel-Oriented Rhythms blog on “Faith and Fitness.” Can fitness be sacred? How can Christians approach exercise & fitness? How can one make the habit of exercising be gospel-centered?

On Faith and Friendship in Youth

Why Seattle church youth groups are important: teens express, explain, and show the gospel within the bond of community & shared experiences.

Forgiveness & Being Let Down

A Tender Heart: Loving Others When They Let You Down by Alexa Hess   Over the years I have found myself becoming more sensitive to the shortcomings of others. Instead of allowing things to roll off, I’ve been bitter or resentful. The season where I struggled the...

Rhyme and Rhythm for Worship Gatherings

Worship: Our Reason and Rhythm   2 Corinthians 3:18, “We all, with unveiled faces, are looking as in a mirror at the glory of the Lord and are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory…”   Works in progress Every disciple is a work in...

A Book Review of Gentle and Lowly

Gentle and Lowly Book Review By Pastor Mark Smith   A Helpful Book in a Time of Need It is an understatement to say last year brought a lot of feelings. When I look back on the complexities of it all, while knowing we aren’t out of the woods yet, it’s important...

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Why are we putting so much effort into creating a permanent hub for ministry in Wallingford Seattle? Read these reflections from a staff member as we consider why The Hallows Church exists.

A Farewell Letter

Dear Hallows Family, As many of you know, we recently worshiped with you in person for the last time prior to our transition to California. We wanted to write to say thank you for being our church and extended family for the last nine-and-a-half years, to reflect on...

Upcoming opportunities

March 2023

Wednesday March 29

4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Community Serve Dinner: Wallingford Community Serve Dinner

Dinner Church exists to bring the love of Christ to those in need around the dinner table. We are partnering with Two Bridges Church in Fremont to share stories, smiles and the message of Christ through word and deed. We will gather every Wednesday night at the Wallingford Expression from 5-6pm. If you would like to be involved email George San Miguel.


Wallingford Expression- downstairs

Thursday March 30

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Edmonds Family Meeting

Edmonds Family Meeting


April 2023

Saturday April 1

7:30 am – 9:00 am
West Seattle Men's Morning Bible Study

West Seattle Expression men, let’s gather for a morning Bible study over coffee.