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Strangers and Exiles: Sinners of a Different Sort

We are walking through the powerful 1st century letter of 1 Peter starting July 19. Though we are 2,000 years removed from that day, nothing has changed though everything seems to change. We too like the first hearers of the 1 Peter letter must embrace what it means to be strangers and exiles–sinners of a different sort– refusing to assimilate with society to the demise of our distinct gospel identity and ethics and refusing to antagonize society to the demise of our gospel influence and mission. Let’s learn to embody the difference Jesus makes in all of life wherever we find ourselves in this world. Let’s see how our future in Christ empowers us to live differently in the here and now. 

One church, three expressions

A church is not a place but a people in whom Jesus’ grace finds expression. We have the joy of seeing Jesus express His grace in three unique locations



West Seattle

What we value

The Table

Jesus leverages ordinary moments for extraordinary purposes. So, we value turning our tables into places of grace, community, and mission.

The Towel

Jesus came not to be served but to serve. So, we value serving one another as well as our neighbors both near and far.

The Tourniquet

Our deepest wounds are worship wounds. So, we value the gospel’s ability to bring healing to the deep places of our lives.

The Toast

Life is hard and can be discouraging. So, we value honoring, encouraging, and celebrating evidences of grace in one another’s lives.

Our COVID-19 updates and resources

How To Blog: Family Worship

Three Principles of Family Worship By Pastor Mark Smith   As we are living out this new season, we have an amazing opportunity to minister to our kids through family worship. In this season, we have two realities to remember. The first is this: our Lord Jesus...

Making Room at the Table for All Races

Processing the current civil unrest, country-wide protests, and racial injustice? In this 9-minute clip, Pastor Andrew Arthur speaks to the church about the current times and questions. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.  1 Peter 5:5 By refusing to...

COVID-19 and Church Rhythms Update

COVID-19 dramatically changed our lives in the past few months. The pain and anxieties it has caused around us are real. Additionally, as Christians, we grieve the inability to meet in-person with our church family.  Like Paul, we “want very much to see you . . . to...