Sunday worship guide

We belong in community, so let’s connect!

Let us know you were here, any prayer support you could use, or what you would like to know more about as you consider exploring the gospel or connecting with our faith community.

Welcome to today’s worship gathering

Whether you’re just beginning to explore the claims of Jesus or are seasoned in your faith, we are glad you are here! We believe that Jesus makes a difference in all of life and that we are able to best experience that in community. As you’ll see today, we worship God through a variety of ways including studying the Bible, praying, singing, & more.

Sermon Notes

The King Who Rescues”

1 Samuel 23:1-14  |  1 august 2021  |  daniel englehart, guest preacher 

We’re back to 1 Samuel this week with our guest preacher, Daniel Englehart. Daniel and his wife, Stephanie, are former church planters in residence with The Hallows Church and were commissioned out to start The Mountain Church in South King County in 2015. This morning, Daniel will help us study and explore the next passage in our series detailing a situation in which David rescues a city under attack–a people that ultimately would be willing to betray their hero.

Primer Questions to Consider:

1) As you read the passage, how do you see the nature of man reflected in the passage? What do you see of the nature of God? Where do they contrast?

2) As you read the passage, where do you see glimpses of the gospel foreshadowed?

Upcoming Opportunities & Next Steps


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Want prayer support? Have questions about what you heard today in the sermon or call to action opportunities? Want to take the next steps in your faith or make The Hallows Church your home? Maybe you would you like to take it one step beyond Sunday by joining our Saturday e-newsletter filled with discipleship opportunities and resources (including a sneak peek at the sermon with primer questions to consider).

For any of these, please fill out a Digital Connect Card, and we will get back to you ASAP. 


join us next sunday on august 8 for WORSHIP 

You can worship with us at 10:30 a.m. in person for our live gathering at our West Seattle Expression, at our Edmonds Satellite Gathering at 10:30 a.m. or online via our livestream to Facebook or YouTube (click the YouTube button on our front page to get the direct stream link). 

Important reminder: We no longer require registration, assigned seating, or masks. However, let us continue to be mindful of one another’s physical health as well as spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing as we move forward. Please continue to be thoughtful when gathering together: Stay home when you are exhibiting symptoms of contagious sickness and of course, while masks are optional they can still be worn in gatherings to reduce the chance of exposure. 


Music intern

Would you or someone you know be interested in a music team internship? Email Jake!


MUSIC, A/V and Media help 

Would you or someone you know be interested in helping to deepen our volunteer pool by being trained to serve with our music, A/V and media teams? This is something we ask you to pray the Lord provides for so that we can begin hosting live, in-person worship gatherings at each of our 3 expressions each week. Email Jake for more info.


KIDS ministry now available!

Starting this week, we are offering Kids Ministry for babies-3-years-old at our live, in-person worship gatherings! For more info, email Pastor Mark. We can’t wait to open up for groups for older children ASAP…so be praying for more volunteers to step up, be trained and help disciple our kids with the Sunday Kids Ministry rotation.


Fremont Move to Wallingford: ways to help

Check out this page for ways that you may be able to help with as we prepare our Wallingford building to be a hub of ministry!


Men’s and women’s bible studies

Get to know others from your expression as we dive into God’s Word together:

ASPIRE: West Seattle Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study | August 7 from 8-9:30 a.m. 

Edmonds Women’s Bible Study: Ladies from our Edmonds Expression are invited to join in fellowship and study of Psalm 119. Email Jaime Lyon for the dates, time and location!


Worship through Giving

Thank you for giving of your time, talents and treasures to support the ministry efforts of and through your Hallows community. If you would like to give financially, you can go to our Giving page.

 You can also text thehallowschurch to 77977 to get started easily. 

More about Communion

Today you’ll have the opportunity to take communion during the gathering.

Communion is also known as the Lord’s Supper and is a symbolic act of worshipful obedience whereby followers of Christ eat bread and drink juice in rememberance of what Jesus did for us, how He did it and why it was necessary (Luke 22:17-20; 1 Corinthians 11:23-26).

If you have yet to put your trust in Jesus, you are encouraged to refrain from eating the bread and drinking the juice. You are encouraged, however, to use this time to pray or meditate upon what you have heard and seen today. May you earnestly approach God with your questions, struggles, doubt, sin and even consider asking Him to teach you who He is.

If you are beginning to believe in your need for salvation and want to put your trust in Jesus for your rescue and reconcilation with God, tell Him! Acknowledge that you are more weak and sinful than you previously believed but through Jesus you believe you are loved and accepted because He pays the debt, bears the punishment and offers forgiveness and new life to any who would repent and believe in Him–including you!

If this is a prayer you are earnestly praying today, share it with someone (like a Christian friend or a Hallows pastor) so that you can grow in your faith in community!