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Let us know you were here, any prayer support you could use, or what you would like to know more about as you consider exploring the gospel or connecting with our faith community.

Welcome to today’s worship gathering

Whether you’re just beginning to explore the claims of Jesus or are seasoned in your faith, we are glad you are here! We believe that Jesus makes a difference in all of life and that we are able to best experience that in community. As you’ll see today, we worship God through a variety of ways including studying the Bible, praying, singing, & more.

Sermon Notes

Where Else Would We Go?

John 6  |  9 May 2021  |  Stephen searles, church planter in residence

Today, we are taking time to study John 6 with our church planter in residence, Stephen Searles, in a stand-alone, yet thematically-connected, passage.

In John 6, we see that Jesus and his disciples are exhausted from being constantly followed by crowds looking for miracles. After preaching all day, Jesus sees the crowds are hungry and tired as well so, moved with compassion, He performs a miracle to feed them. However, this miracle is so much more than just food–it is a sign for things to come.

The next day the crowds again find Jesus demanding more from Him to satisfy their physical needs, but Jesus declares their one true need is to believe in Him because He is the bread of life.

As we worship and study together, we will have an opportunity to consider how often we learn something about God that is hard to understand and maybe even question whether we can continue to follow him.

How often do we lean into our own calculations and understanding to see how God could possibly do anything–let alone much–with what we see as so little? By the end of the worship gathering, may you be encouraged with the hope of the gospel and its implications when life seems hard to understand or even navigate.

Sermon Outline
  • Phillip’s miscalculation
    • Never discount the Jesus of it all

    • In the hands of God, our inadequacy is sufficiency
  • The twelve’s misadventure
    • If God sent you, He will go with you
  • The Jews misunderstanding 
    • Jesus is so much more than a miracle worker
    • The Bread of Life does not just sustain life, He gives it
  • The disciples’ misinterpretation
    • Our most bankrupt miscalculation is that physical things will meet spiritual needs
  • Peter’s correct assumption
    • Those closest understand the greatest
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We are excited to be moving forward with our Fremont Expression building purchase after you and so many others from all around the country gave sacrificially this past month! With that said, our last worship gathering for our Fremont Expression in our current rental facility at 4900 Dayton Ave. N will be Sunday, May 23. You can go ahead and register now to participate if you’d like and to celebrate God’s sustaining grace and provision all these years!


NEw summer and sunday gatherings times and locations

For June and July, we will rotate our Sunday gatherings between our West Seattle and Edmonds Expressions while we transition our Fremont Expression to the new Wallingford location. On weeks that Edmonds is hosting our live gathering, we will meet at 9 a.m. and have our livestream begin at 9 a.m. (it will be available on YouTube with the direct link at 10:30 also, however). We invite everyone who has been participating with the Fremont Expression to join worship with our West Seattle and Edmonds Expressions.



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More about Communion

Today you’ll have the opportunity to take communion during the gathering.

Communion is also known as the Lord’s Supper and is a symbolic act of worshipful obedience whereby followers of Christ eat bread and drink juice in rememberance of what Jesus did for us, how He did it and why it was necessary (Luke 22:17-20; 1 Corinthians 11:23-26).

If you have yet to put your trust in Jesus, you are encouraged to refrain from eating the bread and drinking the juice. You are encouraged, however, to use this time to pray or meditate upon what you have heard and seen today. May you earnestly approach God with your questions, struggles, doubt, sin and even consider asking Him to teach you who He is.

If you are beginning to believe in your need for salvation and want to put your trust in Jesus for your rescue and reconcilation with God, tell Him! Acknowledge that you are more weak and sinful than you previously believed but through Jesus you believe you are loved and accepted because He pays the debt, bears the punishment and offers forgiveness and new life to any who would repent and believe in Him–including you!

If this is a prayer you are earnestly praying today, share it with someone (like a Christian friend or a Hallows pastor) so that you can grow in your faith in community!