Jesus has given each of us various talents, gifts, and passions that are most enjoyed when leveraged in the service of others.

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The Communications Team demonstrates the foundational conviction that our God communicates and has given His people an incredible message to be shared through word and deed. By being intentional in why, what and how we communicate as a church, we are able to reflect the way Jesus made the most of every opportunity to teach and disciple using various means. Areas of serving include: graphic design, videography, photography, web and social media, editing, writing, artistic creation, and administration.

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Sunday gathering setup

Just as Christ displayed servant leadership, the Sunday Setup Ministry Team seeks to selflessly serve the community by preparing a space where they can encounter and worship God from the moment they walk into the building to the moment they leave, with as few physical distractions and hindrances from the setting as possible. Serving in this way could include setting up chairs, collating handouts, turning on the heat, putting up directional signage, and more.

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The Hospitality Team aims to highlight Jesus’ selfless love for all people. The goal is to make The Hallows Church a welcoming, safe environment for all people, making them feel at home with us and assisting them with any needs they might have while they join us for worship on Sundays. Serving on this team provides believers of Christ an opportunity and outlet to extend this love of Christ. Serving on this team can include greeting, setting up coffee and snacks, and answering guests questions.

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Kids & Students

We believe in partnering with parents and caregivers to share and show children the good news of Jesus–that He makes the difference in all of life. Kids Ministry and Student Ministry team members help provide children and students with a gospel-saturated, spirtually-nurturing, and relationally-driven experience on Sundays, as well as through additional discipleship opportunities throughout the year. Let us know if you’re interested in serving in the monthly Sunday Worship Gathering rotation, as a sub for our Kids Ministry leads who all happen to be taking Maternity Leave in 2022, or can connect with students in our monthly Friday Night Youth Fellowship.

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We’ve relaunched our Kids Ministries, but we are ready to expand to include more age groups as soon as possible! What makes it possible? We need more volunteers to be trained to minister to children on Sundays. Please contact Jessie Heaviland for further info on serving on the Kids Min Team!

Music & A/V

The Music and A/V Team skillfully combines God’s Word with music, thereby motivating the gathered church to proclaim the gospel, to cherish God’s presence, and to live for the glory of God. Ways to serve on this team can include running the projection slides, livestream sound, manning the sound system, running camera in Wallingford, playing instruments, and singing, etc.

Email Jake Hess, our Music and Media Minister, if you want more info.


The Prayer Team serve as instruments in the Redeemer’s hands during our worship gatherings and throughout the week as we engage in the indispensable ministry of intercession. In light of the gospel, we may confidently approach God’s throne of grace seeking to serve one another as Christ has served us by bearing one another’s burdens through prayer and intercession.

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When our church gathers to worship, and especially when the gospel is proclaimed, the Spirit is working both in the room, and at the forefront of the spiritual battle in our city. That work is disrupted any time a distraction occurs in a gathering. The same is true if any member of the body is distracted by the safety of their children – either from an external threat or through lack of accountability. So our Safety Team serves to steward a safe and effective environment for worship.

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