Our Story

In 2010, a group of people with diverse hometowns, backgrounds, careers and life stages, came together with a shared desire to discover the difference Jesus makes in all of life.

We found that He loved us and we fell in love with Him too. We came to believe that the difference Jesus makes in all of life is worth advocating for in our beautiful, yet broken city. 

On February 12, 2012, we started gathering together on Sundays in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. After being approached by other people who shared a similar desire, we started a second expression of our church in West Seattle in 2015. Soon after, a similar development occurred with a group of people in Edmonds. After much prayer, the Edmonds Expression of our church started in 2017. The most recent change includes our original Fremont Expression finding a permanent church home building in neighboring Wallingford!

The Hallows Church, then, is one church that has the joy of expressing the difference Jesus makes in all of life in Wallingford, West Seattle, and Edmonds.  After all, a church is not a place but a people in whom Jesus’s grace finds expression. 


Values & Beliefs