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What Psalm 136-esque song could you write today?

What Psalm 136-esque song could you write today?

Our Lent reading for today, Psalm 136, recounts reasons to give thanks to God by listing out example after example of how He has been faithful.

After each example, the writer leads the worshippers to remember “His faithful love endures forever.”

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A Healthy Approach to Spiritual Disciplines

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What is a healthy approach to Christian spiritual disciplines? Is practicing spiritual disciplines seeking God’s grace or responding to it? Read this article as you head into the season of Lent in preparation for Easter.

Teaching Kids about the Conscience

As these questions come, I believe it’s important now more than ever for parents to teach their children how to differentiate between biblical convictions and personal convictions. It’s important for us to help our kids understand how God has designed the conscience. Here are three truths to get you started.

Faith Building in the Home

Faith Building in the Home

The Significance of Family Worship By: Jessie Heaviland  How much my father's prayers at this time impressed me I can never explain, nor could any stranger understand. When, on his knees and all of us kneeling around him in Family Worship, he poured out his whole soul...

Advent and Adjusting December Gatherings

Dear Members and Friends, Our celebration of Advent is well underway. As we focus upon the first coming of Christ to secure our salvation through his life, death, and resurrection, we also consider the second coming of Christ to settle our salvation once and for all....

Daily 2020 Advent Guide and Sunday Worship Series

Download your copy of the daily Advent guide by clicking the picture above.  Awaiting the King: The Promise of Advent The word advent literally means “coming.” The season of Advent is an opportunity for us to consider and to celebrate together the ‘comings’ of Jesus....

In-Person Sunday Gathering Update

When Jesus looked upon people in the various places he served, he “felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and dejected, like sheep without a shepherd” (Mt. 9:36). He loved them enough to lay down His life for them so that they might be assembled...

How To Lead a Family Worship

Three Principles of Family Worship By Pastor Mark Smith   As we are living out this new season, we have an amazing opportunity to minister to our kids through family worship. In this season, we have two realities to remember. The first is this: our Lord Jesus...

Making Room at the Table for All Races

Processing the current civil unrest, country-wide protests, and racial injustice? In this 9-minute clip, Pastor Andrew Arthur speaks to the church about the current times and questions. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.  1 Peter 5:5 By refusing to...

COVID-19 and Church Rhythms Update

COVID-19 dramatically changed our lives in the past few months. The pain and anxieties it has caused around us are real. Additionally, as Christians, we grieve the inability to meet in-person with our church family.  Like Paul, we “want very much to see you . . . to...

5 Ways to Get Out While Social Distancing

5 Ways to Get Out While Social Distancing

Written by Anjelica McMillan We’re living in unprecedented times. Birthdays celebrated via Zoom, work meetings done in your sweatpants, restaurant food delivered to your door not by choice, but out of necessity. On my weekly outing to the grocery store, I find myself...