Worship Gatherings FAQ

by | Oct 3, 2020

How do we worship on Sundays during the Pandemic? Check out this FAQ page. (Last update 3/15/21)


Are in-person Sunday worship gatherings at all three Hallows locations and at their pre-Covid times?

Good question! They are not. In re-launching the in-person worship gathering option October 2020, we shifted all our worship times to one new time: 10:30 a.m. We are only offering one Sunday in-person gathering per week for the time being. To begin, we are rotating the location weekly between our West Seattle Expression and Fremont Expression. We are also piloting an indoor Satellite Gathering at our Edmonds Expression starting February 7th. 

Our front page, however, has the quick link buttons to worship each week by watching the YouTube livestream, with others at home through Zoom, outdoors with a small group in a satellite worship gathering or even on Facebook.


How do I register for an in-person worship gathering since RSVPs are mandatory?

Glad you asked! Simply go to our Calendar page and select the date or dates you would like attend before noon the Saturday before the gathering (there are seperate events listed for the Sunday Worship [live] Gathering and the Edmonds Expression Satellite Gathering). You will be directed to the registration form to fill out. You should receive a confirmation email shortly after submission.

Then the Saturday before the gathering, you will receive a reminder email with a quick questionnaire to be filled out prior to attending the gathering the next day. 

Note: you are welcome to participate in any of the gatherings regardless of which expression is hosting the Sunday worship gathering. You may also register for more than one worship gathering if you would like. We are, however, capping attendance per state recommendations for houses of worship and what enables us to socially distance seats of RSVP groups (including children). After all the open spots have been reserved for a particular Sunday gathering, you can still be added to a waitlist.  


What tangible safety precautions are we taking to minimize any transmission of sickness at in-person gatherings? 

Great question! While there is always more risk associated with human interaction and leaving your home, we are doing our best to minimize the risk at our in-person gatherings so that as many who want/need to be in attendance can do so with more peace of mind. Measures being taken include:  

  1. mandatory pre-registration for each worship gathering by Saturday at noon (click on the Sunday gathering(s) you want to register for at www.hallowschurch.org/calendar)
  2. no touch check-in upon entering the building 
  3. sanitation stations set up in the lobby and sanctuary (in addition to hand washing available in restrooms)
  4. mandatory mask wearing at all times for all participants (except those leading from the stage through speaking/singing/teaching but they will be socially distanced or behind plexiglass and using separate mics)
  5. reminders posted to greet one another–from a distance 😉
  6. orderly entering and exiting with the help of seating hosts (greeting and mingling is encouraged to be done outside with masks and keeping distance before or after the gathering) 
  7. seats set up by RSVP units and distanced from others. So please only RSVP for how many you will be safely sitting with (i.e. family members) so we can set up the chairs ahead of time accordingly. 
  8. RSVPed attendees are reminded through their Saturday confirmation email and included health questionnaire to consider if his/her own health has given reason to forego attending the following day’s worship gathering for the safety of others
  9. removal of many typical surface cross-touch points, such as switching to digital worship guides you can access on your phone, removing the hospitality table and refreshments, having one mic per person, individual communion supplies put out ahead of time
  10. no Kids Ministry being offered at this time
  11. opening doors for ventilation (bring a coat just in case it causes the temperature in the room to be a bit more)
  12. for days with multiple gatherings, we sanitize the room in between use


What happens if I start to show symptoms or have a confirmed positive of COVID-19 within 7 days of attending an in-person Hallows gathering?   
  1. We ask that if you are showing symptoms (or had sustained close proximity with a confirmed case before attending the Hallows gathering) and have recently attended a Hallows gathering, please be tested and inform mark@hallowschurch.org (West Seattle) or andrew@hallowschurch.org (Fremont) immediately so we can be praying for you and preparing any additional steps that may be needed.
  2. If you test positive for COVID-19, please notify us immediately so we can contact trace and inform everyone in attendance of the potential exposure (though we will not release your name). 
  3. If there is a confirmed COVID-19 case in attendance and likely exposure to others who would be attending or serving the following week, we will only host the virtual gathering the following week. Those who RSVP for the following week’s gathering will be notified ASAP of the cancelling of the in-person gathering.   


When to arrive? 

We begin the livestream promptly at 10:30 a.m. so we ask that you arrive up to 15 minutes prior to the worship gathering to give time to park, be checked in outside the front door, and then be led to your seat. Note: we will not be providing any food or drink as we are accustomed to at this time.


What about Kids Ministry?

We are not providing Kids Ministry at this time but encourage you to allow kids to worship with you at the in-person gathering or even through the virtual Worship Watch Party. We will have some Kids Worship Activity Sheets put out by a staff wearing gloves and mask beforehand. (Please also prepare your kids’ expectations beforehand so they know that this is not our normal way of gathering, but for the time being we ask that kids stay with their family units and keep 6 feet distance between them and even close friends while in the church building.) We are committed to helping families thrive spiritually in this season, so if you would like suggestions of how to start a family worship time at home, please check out these blogs: The Significance of Family of Worship and How to Lead Family Worship. Please also contact Pastor Mark or Jessie Heaviland for a free family worship resource and/or to talk through how to lead family worship with your particular family dynamics.  


 Will I still be able to watch online? 

Yes!! We offer a livestream of the worship gathering at 10:30 a.m. that can be viewed through our YouTube channel, Zoom Worship Watch Parties or Facebook. All three of these options are easily accessed through the buttons on our homepage at hallowschurch.org

You have multiple ways to access our 10:30 a.m. livestream, but our favorite is the Worship Watch Party (WWP) option through Zoom.

The WWP allows you to still worship “with” others (worship at home…but don’t worship alone):

-actually see who else is worshipping with you (only those on the Zoom can see you FYI-), 

-interact through the chat function (which we’ve found so far provides a great opportunity for real-time processing and applying the gospel truths being studied as well as it provides moments of levity and building community)

-interact before and after the gathering (think of it as the lobby of the church building)

-request prayer and pray for one another, and more! 

In addition to the WWP option, you will still be able to access the livestream on YouTube and Facebook. All three of these options are easily accessed through the buttons on our homepage at hallowschurch.org

What about a waitlist for gatherings and what do I do if I registered but cannot attend?

We understand that things come up, and also if you are experiencing any symptoms of sickness or have been around someone recently who is experiencing symptoms or has a confirmed case of COVID-19, we want you to be able to refrain from attending the in-person gathering for yours and others’ good. We do ask that you email kim@hallowschurch.org to change your RSVP to not attending as soon as you have decided not to attend so we can inform others if there is a waitlist. 


Want to see a video run through of what to expect at the West Seattle or Fremont in-person worship gathering? 

Watch this video from Pastor Andrew for Fremont’s walkthrough.

Where can I find out more about the reasoning for offering an in-person gathering for those who are willing and able to meet during this pandemic?

We got you! Check out this blog. 


Have more questions? No problem! Send them to andrew@hallowschurch.org or elders@hallowschurch.org.