Worship Gatherings FAQ

All of our locations (we call them Hallows Expressions) are OPEN for live in-person Sunday worship!
Edmonds at 9 a.m., Wallingford at 10:30 a.m., and West Seattle at 10:30 a.m. You can also join us on YouTube at 10:30 a.m.!

How do we worship on Sundays during the Pandemic? Check out this FAQ page. (Last update 09-26-2021)


Are in-person Sunday worship gatherings at all three Hallows locations?

Good question! After a long year and a half, we are excited to say YES, all of our locations are meeting for in-person, masked worship on Sundays. 


Update to Restrictions and Safety Protocol for Sunday Worship Gatherings

Starting August 23, 2021, WA state requires mask-wearing for indoor gatherings for all participants 5 and older. Please note that we are following this mandate for all our Hallows gatherings. 

As mask-wearing is not a central tenant to the gospel, we encourage all participants to err on the side of grace–to give and receive grace from one another as a variety of approaches may be represented in a diverse body like ours that ultimately unites around the gospel and the gospel alone.

–We no longer are requiring guests and members to RSVP for the in-person gatherings unless local guidelines require otherwise. We lifted our gathering capacity–no longer limiting our gatherings to 50% capacity. As such, we no longer will assign seating though social distancing at the discretion of individuals can still be maintained, knowing some will choose to social distance with their families and others will choose to sit closer to friends.

–We will continue to livestream every gathering and encourage you to keep watching/sharing them if you are unable to attend in-person on a Sunday. We have invested time, money, and energy to make our livestream an excellent means of connecting, reaching and enabling worship for those currently in our church and those who are exploring the gospel online. We encourage you to share our YouTube links with those who are looking to connect with a local church and/or explore the gospel. It’s an easy first step into gospel community for them and an easy way for you to share your faith with your circles of influence!

-Note: We will continue offering our hand sanitizing stations and ask anyone exhibiting any symptoms or sickness to please stay at home and worship via our livestream. We also will continue to keep doors and windows open as able so as the weather turns colder, we highly recommend bringing a jacket or blanket if you tend to get cold. 


What about Kids Ministry?

We are offering Kids Ministry for 0-3 year-olds at our live, in-person worship gatherings. We hope to open up the older kids community groups on Sundays as our volunteer pool increases. During this time we encourage you to allow older kids to worship with you at the in-person gathering or even online via our Livestream. We provide returnable Kids Worship Activity Bags for in-person gatherings. We will let you know ASAP when we have Sunday Kids Ministry available again. To ensure you are in the loop, email jessie@hallowschurch.org with any questions.

We are committed to helping families thrive spiritually in this season, so if you would like suggestions of how to start a family worship time at home, please check out these blogs: The Significance of Family of Worship and How to Lead Family Worship. Please also contact Pastor Mark or Jessie Heaviland for a free family worship resource and/or to talk through how to lead family worship with your particular family dynamics.  


Will I still be able to watch online? 

Yes!! We offer a livestream of the worship gathering at 10:30 a.m. that can be viewed through our direct YouTube link provided every week on our homepage and Saturday Hallows Email.


What happens if I start to show symptoms or have a confirmed positive of COVID-19 within 7 days of attending an in-person Hallows gathering?   
  1. We ask that if you are showing symptoms (or had sustained close proximity with a confirmed case before attending the Hallows gathering) and have recently attended a Hallows gathering, please consider being tested.
  2. If you test positive for COVID-19, please inform mark@hallowschurch.org (West Seattle), andrew@hallowschurch.org (Fremont), or jeff@hallowschurch.org immediately so we can be praying for you and preparing any additional steps that may be needed–including anonymous contact tracing/informing those who may have high risk exposure. (We will not release your name without consent). 


Have more questions? No problem! Send them to andrew@hallowschurch.org or elders@hallowschurch.org.