Update (august 22, 2021) CHANGES THAT AFFECT YOUR GIVING

We are moving away from PushPay and integrating our online giving to our new Hallows Church Center app to save our church thousands of dollars a year in processing fees (yay! more resources for ministry!) and to make it easier for you to give, keep track of your own donations, and access your yearly giving statements!

This is especially important for those of us who have been using RECCURING GIVINGif this is how you worship through giving, PLEASE go set up your giving in our new Church Center platform. It’s quick and easy! Just go to or push the giving button in your Hallows Church Center App on your phone ASAP. We are ending our Pushpay partnership in just a few weeks. So, please and thank you for doing this now.

The difference Jesus makes in all of life is demonstrated in our giving. Jesus’ sacrificial generosity towards us energizes our generosity towards others. Thus, we choose to share our financial resources in order to support the church, the disadvantaged in our community, and the advancement of the gospel around the world.

Ways to give

  1. On Sundays in person via the Worship through Giving Box
  2. By setting up a one-time or recurring bill pay using our financial adminstrative hub’s address: The Hallows Church, 2020 Maltby Rd, #7147, Bothell, WA 98021 (This is the best way to make sure all your giving goes directly to our ministry without processing fees.)
  3. By donating stock (for more info email
  4. By shopping via Amazon Smile and choosing The Hallows Church to be your default charity to receive .5% back from your purchases.
  5. By donating here online:

We accept credit and debit cards for the convenience of our gospel giving partners; however, note that there is a processing fee in using this option, which you can choose to cover as you click the options for giving.