Sunrise over mountains with the words "God is provider"

What are the attributes of God? Discover and consider a few of God’s attributes through this short blog series. Today’s attribute: provider.

Attributes of God: God is Provider

by Amanda Hickernell


One of the names of God is Jehovah-Jireh which means “The Lord will Provide”. It’s found in Genesis 22 when Abraham is commanded by God to take his only son, Isaac, to the top of a mountain and sacrifice him to the Lord. This is the pinnacle moment of Abraham’s life. In an astounding act of obedience, Abraham demonstrates his complete faith and trust in God. Abraham shows his willingness to give the most precious thing in His life back to God. Hebrews tells us that Abraham believed that God was powerful enough to bring life from death, and therefore Abraham could be obedient. As Abraham raises his knife above his beloved son, an Angel of the Lord tells him to stop. Pleased with Abraham’s obedience, God then provides a ram to take Isaac’s place, and Isaac is returned, alive and well to Abraham. Abraham responds by naming the mountain Moriah, and saying “on the mountain of the Lord, it will be provided.” Because here on this mountain, God provided a substitution.


Provision Leads to Obedience

But how did Abraham get to this amazing act of obedience? I think it’s because God provided opportunities throughout his life to exercise his faith. God provided His presence to Abraham by appearing to him, talking to him, walking with him and promising to be “his shield and his very great reward.” (Genesis 15:1) God provided hope to Abraham by promising to bless him, to curse his enemies and make his descendants as numerous as the stars. God provided encouragement to Abraham through an encounter with Melchizidek, a priest. God provided protection to Abraham not once, but twice, when he foolishly went to Egypt and endangered his wife, Sarah. God provided wealth, livestock, a victorious battle, and protection from those who lived nearby. And when Abraham failed miserably by sleeping with Hagar, God provided a consequence through the birth of Ishmael, but He also provided forgiveness and grace by reiterating his unconditional covenant to Abraham.


Throughout Abraham’s life, God provided all that he needed to be obedient and faithful. God provided protection, blessings, encouragement, consequences, forgiveness, promises, hope and the best thing of all: His presence. God provided opportunities to grow Abraham’s faith little by little, allowing Abraham to trust God fully and obey immediately when he came to Mt. Moriah.


Just as God Provided for Abraham…

Our great God provides for us too. He provides what we need to trust Him, love Him and obey Him. Sometimes the provisions are shocking and leave us in no doubt that they are from Him. Sometimes the provisions are subtle and require quiet reflection. Where has God provided for you lately? Was it a physical need like a meal from a friend or a successful visit to your doctor? Was it an emotional need like an encouraging text message or a hug from a family member? Was it a spiritual need like a well-timed devotional or a song on the radio? Please share these provisions with us here! For our God is the same Jehovah-Jireh that Abraham praised on Mt. Moriah. Let’s praise the One who provided then and provides now.


Amanda Hickernell is a member of  The Hallows Church West Seattle Expression. Amanda is a BSF teacher, graphic designer, wife to Jim and mother of two. She is often found leveraging her gifts and time on the Hallows Communication Team, Hallows Women’s Ministry Team, and wearing multiple hats at The Hallows West Seattle Expression.