What are the attributes of God? Discover and consider a few of God’s attributes through this short blog series. Today’s attribute: sovereignty.

God is Immutable

by Amanda Hickernell

God is immutable, which means unchanging. Psalm 90:2 “…from everlasting to everlasting you are God”. God is eternal. God has no beginning and no end. God is the first and the last and everything in between.

God’s character is unchanging

James 1:17 describes God as having “no variation or shadow due to change.” God is and will always be holy. God will never sin. God will not encounter something stronger or wiser than Him. God will not abandon His promises. God will not lose control. God will not change His mind. God will not throw in the towel. Because God’s character is unchanging, we can trust Him to finish what He started.

God’s love is unchanging

Psalm 136:26 “…his steadfast love endures forever.” God’s love reaches to the very ends of the earth. God’s love does not discriminate. God’s love will not run out. God’s love will not lose patience. God’s love will always be bigger than your sin. Because God’s love is unchanging, we can trust Him to provide all we need.

God’s Word is unchanging

Isaiah 4:8 “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.” God’s Word will not become outdated. God’s Word will always be relevant. God’s Word will not lose power. God’s Word will always be true. Because God’s Word is unchanging, we can anchor our lives in it.

The way of salvation is also unchanging

John 3:36 says “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life.” God provided salvation and eternal life through Jesus and that will never change. Forgiveness of our sins will only be found through Jesus’ death. Eternal life will only be given because of Jesus’ life. No other way of salvation will be provided or accepted. For those who have trusted in Jesus, you are guaranteed complete forgiveness and eternity spent with Him. Because the way of salvation is unchanging, we can trust that we are secure in His hand.

Because God is immutable, we can trust Him. We can trust that God will finish what He started, God will provide all we need, we can anchor our lives in His Word, and our salvation is secure. Hallelujah!

So my friends, remembering that God is immutable, what area of your life do you want to trust Him more?


Amanda Hickernell is a member of  The Hallows Church West Seattle Expression. Amanda is a BSF teacher, graphic designer, wife to Jim and mother of two. She is often found leveraging her gifts and time on the Hallows Communication Team, Hallows Women’s Ministry Team, and wearing multiple hats at The Hallows West Seattle Expression.