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Luke 9:18-27 | “Common Christianity; The Way of the Cross”

September 24 2022

Luke 9:18-27 | “Common Christianity; The Way of the Cross”

September 24 2022
Scripture: Luke
Book: Luke

Chase Rodriguez

The most important question in the world is, “Who is Jesus?” but the necessary follow-up question is this, “What are you going to do about it?” Too many Christians never experience the richness of life in Christ because they refuse to answer the call, and therefore count the cost, of
discipleship. There is real, true joy and life to be had in Christ, and it comes through the abandonment, dis-ownership and death of self.


Mark Smith

We live in a unique time in history, but the challenge to follow Jesus is not unique. Since the dawn of the church, Christians have struggled to understand the cost of following Jesus. In Luke 9:18-27, Peter’s confession, Jesus’ prediction and teaching on discipleship exhorts us to know the person of the Cross, the purpose of the cross, to be a people of the cross. Following Jesus requires a whole-identity change for the reason of becoming like Jesus, and carries an eternal reward of salvation and communion with God.

  • The Person of the Cross
  • The Purpose of the Cross
  • The People of the Cross
    •      -What Is Our Requirement?
    •      -What Is Our Reason?
    •      -What Is Our Reward?


Peter Gatata

In Luke 9:18-27, we see Jesus take a moment in the life of His ministry, to teach the disciples and help them fully grasp, not only His identity as God’s Messiah, but also His identity as the Lamb of God who gave His life for our sins. This event as recorded by the Gospel writers happened in Caesarea Philippi, and is seen as the disciples’ watershed moment when Jesus challenged them to follow Him, even in the midst of dark days ahead.  This too is our calling, to know Christ and to follow Him relentlessly.


  • The Person of Christ
    •      1. God’s Messiah- The Anointed One
      •           -Emphasized the Humanity of Jesus
    •      2. God’s Son- Son of the living God
      •           -Emphasis on the Deity of Jesus
    •      3. Gods- Revelation
  • The Passion of the Christ
    •      1. The Suffering Servant
    •      2. The Atoning Death of Christ
    •      3. The Risen Lord
  • The Pursuit of Christ
    •      1. Unselfish Devotion to Christ
    •      2. Uncorrupted by the World
    •      3. Unashamed of Christ