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Luke 5:12-16 | “When Our Needs Meet a Willing Savior”

February 27 2022

Luke 5:12-16 | "When Our Needs Meet a Willing Savior"

As we recall, rejoice in, and rely on the gospel in the midst of both pain and joy, certainty and uncertainty, peace and war, we continue our study in the book of Luke. May we be encouraged by the timeless truths found in Luke 5:12-16–-that our deepest needs to be healed and saved are willingly met by Jesus.



1) Knowing Our Need v.12

-Our Need to be Healed

Lev. 13:45-46

-Our Need to be Saved

2) Knowing Our Savior vv.13-14

Matt. 5:17

-Who is Willing to Heal

-Who is Willing to Save

2 Cor. 5:21 1 Tim. 1:15

3) Knowing Our Purpose v.15

4) Knowing Our Limits v.16

-Our Need to Recover Eccles. 4:6

-Our Need to Recalibrate John 6:15


To study this passage further, utilize our Missional Community Discussion Study Guide: MC Study Guide 2_27_22