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Luke 12:35-48 | “Readiness for Christ’s Return”

February 5 2023

Luke 12:35-48 | "Readiness for Christ's Return"

February 5 2023
Scripture: Luke
Book: Luke

Luke 12:35-48 | “Readiness for Christ’s Return” | Peter Gatata @ Edmonds and Wallingford Expressions

Since the return of Christ is imminent, we are instructed to live with eager expectation of His return and to faithfully serve Him while looking forward to a final judgment where God will judge everyone according to their deeds.

Sermon Outline

  • Eager Expectation of Christ’s Return
  • Expectation of Christ’s Sudden Return
  • Expectation of a Final Judgment

“Kingdom Readiness for Kingdom Rewards” | Mark Smith, West Seattle Expression | Luke 12:35-48

What actions should we take if we want to seek Jesus’ kingdom? How might Jesus find us if He showed up today? In Luke 12:35-48, Jesus calls us to a kingdom readiness, whereby His servants are ready and watchful, serving faithfully as good stewards. While Jesus’ challenge is sobering, it is one we are called into and find kingdom rewards within His instruction.


For a study guide and group discussion on Luke 12:35-48, check out our MC Study Guide 2:05:23.