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Luke 11:37-12:3 | “The Best Intentions” | Stephen Searles & James Beckman

January 15 2023

Luke 11:37-12:3 | "The Best Intentions" | Stephen Searles & James Beckman

January 15 2023
Scripture: Luke
Book: Luke

Bible Passage: Luke 11:37-12:3

Stephen Searles- Edmonds and Wallingford

So often we can begin following Gods law with a pure heart and motive only to see it devolve into a meaningless ritual at best and idolatry at worst. In today’s passage Jesus strongly rebuke those who claim to love God, so they keep His law. In reality, they love the law, and the status that following it affords, well above God or His people.


James Beckman- West Seattle

The sending of the 72 in Luke 10 is a meaty passage; it’s one of a select number of passages that ties in this many elements of the biblical story arc in one place. While this passage teaches us many things about Jesus’ ministry, it also teaches us the way God works through us to make disciples and build his Kingdom. Crucially, it reveals how we are to do this: not by our own strength, but by the strength and authority that Jesus has given us.


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