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John 6 | Where Else Would We Go

May 12 2021

John 6 | Where Else Would We Go

May 12 2021
Scripture: John

Today, we are studying John 6 with our church planter in residence, Stephen Searles, in a stand-alone, yet thematically-connected, passage.

In today’s teaching portion, we see that Jesus and his disciples are exhausted from being constantly followed by crowds looking for miracles. After preaching all day, Jesus sees the crowds are hungry and tired as well so, moved with compassion, He performs a miracle to feed them. However, this miracle is so much more than just food–it is a sign for things to come. The next day the crowds again find Jesus demanding more from Him to satisfy their physical needs, but Jesus declares their one true need is to believe in Him because He is the Bread of Life.

Sermon Outline
  • Phillip’s Miscalculation
    • Never discount the Jesus of it all. 
    • In the hands of God, our inadequacy is sufficient. 
  • The Twelve’s Misadventure
    • If God sends you, He will go with you.
  • The Jews Misunderstanding
    • Jesus is so much more than a miracle worker. 
    • The Bread of Life does not just sustain life, it gives life. 
  • The Disciples’ Misinterpretation
    • Our most bankrupt miscalculation is that physical things will meet spiritual needs. 
  • Peter’s Correct Assumption
    • Those closes understand greatest. ‘


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