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Luke 1:39-45 | “Christ-Centered Community”

November 15 2021

Luke 1:39-45 | "Christ-Centered Community"

Listen to Sunday’s sermon by Stephen Searles at our Edmonds and Wallingford Expressions or Pastor Mark Smith at our West Seattle Expression as we continue our study into Luke 1:39-45. As you listen, may you be encouraged to press into and embody the gift of Christ-Centered community.

Eager for support in the task head, Mary follows the angel’s encouragement and goes to visit Elizabeth. Upon arriving, the child in Elizabeth’s womb jumps for joy. Filled with the Spirit, Elizabeth understands the reason for Mary’s visit and encourages her by affirming God’s promises to her. In this text we witness a beautiful example of grace-filled community. After being overwhelmed by the visit of the angel, Mary finds comfort and encouragement from the fulfillment of God’s promises in the life of Elizabeth. Like Mary and Elizabeth, as the Spirit-filled community of Christ followers we are called to share one another’s burdens, encouraging each other as we take up the task of daily obedience to our Lord and Messiah, Jesus.