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Series: Awaiting the King: The Promise of Advent

2020 Advent "Awaiting the King: The Promise of Advent."

Awaiting the King: The Promise of Advent

The word advent literally means “coming.” The season of Advent is an opportunity for us to consider and to celebrate together the ‘comings’ of Jesus. On the one hand, we reflect upon His first coming. We consider the promises in the Old Testament of a promised King who would provide the ultimate hope, love, peace and joy. In this series, we celebrate how Jesus' coming fulfills these promises. On the other hand, we also take time to focus our faith upon the promise and inevitability of Jesus’ return a second time to finish His work of making all thing new. His life as a ransom to secure our salvation through his life, death, and resurrection (Mark 10:45). But when He comes again, He promises to return as the conquering King to settle our salvation once and for all.