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Awaiting the King of Hope

November 30 2020

Awaiting the King of Hope

November 30 2020
Scripture: Jeremiah
Mark Smith

Speaker: Mark Smith

As we start our Advent sermon series featuring Old Testament promises fulfilled by Jesus, may you be encouraged as we explore how Jesus turns seasons of hopelessness and uncertainty into hopeful anticipation and expectation in this sermon by Pastor Mark Smith.

Key Text: Jeremiah 23:5-6

Sermon Outline:

1) The Promise of Hope: v. 5a
2) The Presence of Hope: vv.5b-6a
3) The Person of Hope: v.6b
Reflection Questions:
  1. How is Jeremiah’s circumstance similar to ours? What is God’s answer and solution? 
  2. Why do we need hope? Why is this trait (having hope in difficult circumstances) so important for the church today? 


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