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1 Samuel 26 | Living By Faith

September 1 2021

1 Samuel 26 | Living By Faith

Let’s talk about faith.

When faith is depicted as one dimensional, a cop-out, or an excuse, we are simply not talking about faith. Faith is multidimensional not one-dimensional. It is both acting and receiving: experiencing God’s greatness and showcasing His grace. In this Sunday’s scripture focus, we see Saul regress from his recent commitment and David respond with faith rather than fury. As the chapter unfolds, we are shown what it means to live by faith rather than act impulsively or impatiently. Together, we’ll discover that multidimensional faith enables our lives to turn into a showcase of God’s grace.

Notes on sermon: Stephen Searles, our Church Planter in Residence, preached at our Edmonds Expression this week. Please check back in later this week if you’d like to listen to the sermon by Pastor Mark Smith at our West Seattle Expression.