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1 Samuel 20 | You’ve Got a Friend in Me

July 1 2021
1 Samuel

1 Samuel 20 | You've Got a Friend in Me

After having his life threatened on multiple occasions, David is afraid and running for his life. He feels alone with nowhere to turn, so he goes to the one person he feels he can trust–Jonathan. This puts Jonathan in a very tough position, as he must choose between his friend (God’s next chosen king for Israel) and his father (the current king). For Jonathan, allegiance to God and his friend will cost him any chance at being future king. Jonathan proves to be the man that is needed in an hour of need. He shows us what it looks like to be a true friend, and he begins to foreshadow the ultimate friend, Jesus.

In a society that craves friendship and community but is starved for examples of what true friendship looks like, we can hold Jonathan and Jesus up as two models of friendship. They allow others in without betraying trust. What examples can we take away from these two men in order to embody gospel-centered friendship? Join Stephen Searles, our Hallows Church Planter in Residence, in studying 1 Samuel 20 today.

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