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1 Samuel 17 | The Gospel and Goliath

June 2 2021
1 Samuel

1 Samuel 17 | The Gospel and Goliath

Andrew Arthur

Speaker: Andrew Arthur

The story of David and Goliath is the story of redemption in a nutshell. An enemy too big for Israel to handle threatens to unwind the covenant blessings God bestowed upon His people. A descendant of the Anakim, a people group Joshua drove out of the land during the conquest of Canaan, has returned (Num. 13:33). His name is Goliath. The fear that once paralyzed God’s people from wanting to enter the Promised Land has also returned has returned with an enemy seemingly too big to defeat. Facing an enemy too big to handle, grappling with familiar fear, or feeling the need for a hero? Then, study this passage with Pastor Andrew Arthur, and allow Israel’s story of redemption to resonate and provide hope for you as well today.

Sermon Outline
  • An Enemy Too Big to Handle (vv. 3-10)
  • A People Too Afraid to Fight (vv. 11; 24) 
  • A Hero Too Faithful to Fail (vv. 12a; 41-51) 

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