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1 Samuel 16 | The Lord Sees the Heart

May 20 2021
1 Samuel

1 Samuel 16 | The Lord Sees the Heart

Mark Smith

Speaker: Mark Smith

The Bible describes the heart as the inner-most part of the self. The heart is not only a physical organ but the inward part of us that desires, loves, carries burdens, and longs for an eternal satisfaction. Who then, can really know our heart? In our passage this week, we discover a powerful reality with Pastor Mark Smith: we can only see the external, but the Lord sees the heart. The living, active God who sees the hearts of people sees everything a person’s heart contains; the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, the surprise 1 Samuel 16:1-13 shares is when God sees the human heart, filled with all its burdens, assumptions, and faults, he moves toward them in grace by sharing his heart for Israel. Contained in the story of a shepherd-boy’s anointing is the pursuit of a God whose heart is after his people that would come to be fully realized in Christ; the Son of David, the King of Kings.


Sermon Outline
  • The Lord Relieves Our Burdens
  • Secret Burdens Promote Reluctant Action
  • The Lord Gives Discernment and Prudence
  • The Lord Rebukes Our Assumptions
  • The Lord Sees the Heart
  • The Lord Seeks the Lowly


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