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Luke 3-4 | Is God our Rival or Father?

January 25 2022

Luke 3-4 | Is God our Rival or Father?

Andrew Arthur

Speaker: Andrew Arthur

Study Luke 3:23-4:13 to consider what is the nature of temptation, trials, and how Jesus responded to Satan’s temptations in the wilderness when He was isolated, tired and hungry. May you be encouraged that Jesus identifies with our human condition and triumphed over temptation by trusting His Father, resting in His identity, and waiting to be exalted.

For more reflection questions, discussion questions and resources to study this passage, check out this week’s Missional Community (MC) Guide: MC Study Guide 1_23_22

Sermon Outline:

  •  God tests His children (vv. 1-2)
    – Job 1:8
    – Genesis 22:1, 12
    – Jesus suffers through the story of Israel.
    – Exodus 4:22
    – Luke 3:22
    – Jesus identifies with the human condition.
  • Satan tempts His children (vv. 3-13).
    • Temptation #1: Self-Gratification
      • Jesus trusted His Father.
    • Temptation #2: Self-Exaltation
      • Jesus waited to be exalted.
        – 1 Peter 5:6
    • Temptation #3: Self-Justification
      • Jesus rested in His identity.
  • Jesus triumphs for God’s children (vv. 14-15).
    Jesus succeeds where we fail.
    – Romans 5:19
    – Jesus supplies us with a strategy.
  • Will we treat God as our rival or trust God as our Father?


Examples of questions and topics addressed in the sermon:

How can I resist temptation?

How did Jesus resist temptation (for 40 days in the wilderness with Satan temptations)?

Was Jesus tempted to sin?

How does Jesus identify with humans? How did Jesus identify with Israel?

What is the nature of temptation and trials?

Does God tempt humans?

Why does God test humans/Christians?

When you face trials in your life or temptation, will you choose to treat God as a rival or trust God as Father?