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1 Samuel 9 | Quiet Providence

March 9 2021
1 Samuel

1 Samuel 9 | Quiet Providence

Mark Smith

Speaker: Mark Smith

Sermon Synopsis

Life is filled with ordinary moments of mundane movements. The Christian life is not excused from the everyday mundane. Thankfully, glimpses into the deeper work of Jesus can be found throughout our days upon closer inspection. Join Pastor Mark in today’s study of 1 Samuel 9, and as we do, may you be amazed by the intricately woven chain of events displayed in the ordinary moments of this passage. Learn to identify the moment in which God’s mercy is given to a distressed people through quiet providence. May your heart be encouraged, and you feel God’s love by the fact that God’s providence is at work at all times–even in the mundane moments that make up much of our everyday lives.

Sermon Outline
  • Providential Backdrops (vv. 1-4)
  • Mundane Mysteries and Minor Characters (vv. 5-14)
  • A Mercy Revealed (vv. 15-17)
  • Discovering Grace in a Thousand Mercies (vv. 19-25)
  • Providence and Mercy: What is Ours

For more questions to help you process and apply 1 Samuel 9 and today’s sermon, enjoy this group discussion guide: MC Study and Discussion Guide-2

NOTE: Today’s worship gathering experienced livestream technical difficulties that at times may dwarf the sound or cause an audio/visual delay. We apologize for the distractions and hope that you can still enjoy the good news of Jesus sung, prayed and studied today.