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Psalm 1 | Frank Mayfield, Wallingford Expression | “Two Ways to Live”

July 31 2022

Psalm 1 | Frank Mayfield, Wallingford Expression | "Two Ways to Live"

July 31 2022

Frank Mayfield

Frank takes us through Psalm 1. Here it outlines that there are only 2 ways to live in this world. The Godly person is described as truly happy as they put their trust in the eternal words of God and seek to obey him in all things. This person is described as a fruit tree planted by streams of water; a rich metaphor of abundant life both now and into eternity. To contrast, the ungodly person is described as chaff, which is the inedible part of grain which is separated from the edible. This stands in stark contrast to the fruit tree. Chaff is ultimately weightless, meaningless and is carried away on the wind. This shows us that when we cut ourselves off from the true joy giver (God) we are left with a life that when tested in judgement, will prove to have been wasted.

Jon Moor
Jon teaches through Romans 8:28-39. It outlines how God’s sovereignty in the Christians salvation should shape how Christians are to live as conquerors daily.  God did ALL the work in our salvation and this work was done before even our life began when he predestined us to be his.  In light of God’s work saving us completely, we can life with great courage and hope.  We can know that God is for us, he will give us all we need, he will justify us, intercede for us, and will always be with us.  This perspective ought to shape how we face all of life, especially difficult circumstances.
Mark Heaviland
Mark looks at Psalm 100:1-5 in light of us knowing that the Lord made us, loves us and cares for us, even to the point of dying on the cross.  We are his people and should worship him by shouting from the rooftops, serving with gladness, singing his praise, entering His presence, and giving thanks and blessing His name.