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Acts 8:1-8 | Gary Irby, Wallingford Expression | “Great Joy in the City”

August 14 2022

Acts 8:1-8 | Gary Irby, Wallingford Expression | "Great Joy in the City"

August 14 2022

Speaker: Gary Irby

Gary Irby

Gary teaches through Acts 8:1-8.  Here we see that the early church was facing a time of great persecution which led to expansive growth through the unquestionable presence of the Holy Spirit.

  • The Holy Spirit Ruled
  • Trials Came
  • Christianity Spread
    • “So there was great joy in that city.” Acts 8:8


Matt Kim

Matt takes us through Matthew 4:23-7:29. Often, we do not readily recognize the Jesus as God’s divine teacher who has authority to define how we are to live. Here we see The Messiah-teacher gives instructions to his kingdom people regarding a life of greater righteousness in the kingdom of heaven.

  • Jesus teaches the Gospel of the Kingdom
  • Jesus Defines Human Flourishing
  • Jesus Defines Greater Righteousness
  • Jesus Defines our practice of Religion
  • Jesus Defines a life of wisdom
  • Jesus Leaves us with two choices


R.J. March

R.J. Teaches through Exodus 20:1-2. The book of Exodus is about a group of people on a journey towards freedom in God. We consider the three key words in the ninth Commandment: bear, false, and witness as an invitation to imagine how this commandment points to freedom in Jesus Christ, who offers himself to each of us as a true and faithful witness revealing we are so well known and loved by God, we no longer have to feel the need to lie.