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Luke 4:1-4 | A Story for Us

October 26 2021

Luke 4:1-4 | A Story for Us

The Gospel of Luke was written to a “Theophilus” who was evidently insecure in his faith. He needed to be reassured that the story of Jesus that he heard was true and still powerful enough to bear the weight of his life. Although Luke dedicated this written story of Jesus to Theophilus, we’ll quickly see that it is a story for all of us– for we all struggle with various insecurities that can only be resolved as we repeatedly find ourselves in the story of Jesus. Listen today and be encouraged by how the story of Jesus is:

Sermon Outline:

Reasonable to believe.
-It contains an objective, historical dimension.
-It contains a subjective, personal dimension.

Reassures the insecure.
-To the morally insecure, Jesus says, “I forgive you.”
-To the socially insecure, Jesus says, “I accept you.”
-To the physically insecure, Jesus says, “I help you.”
-To the emotionally insecure, Jesus says, “I love you.”

Renews faith for the journey.
-Let’s be shaped by this story.
-Let’s be servants of this story.