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Luke 1:67-80 | Peace and the Purposes of God

December 5 2021

Luke 1:67-80 | Peace and the Purposes of God

Andrew Arthur

Speaker: Andrew Arthur

As we continue into the Advent season, may you find great joy in studying today’s passage–Luke 1:67-80– while considering how peace arises when we find our place in the purposes of God. As people who can struggle with anxiety that comes from feeling purposeless or aimless (particularly in this long pandemic season), let us see how the role of the Holy Spirit, the story of redemption and how the light of Christ illuminates our lives with purpose and peace!

Would you like to reflect further on this passage and/or discuss it with others? Enjoy this small group (Missional Community) guide correlating with this passage: MC Study Guide-12_05_21-2

Sermon Outline

  • The Role of the Holy Spirit, v. 67
    • He empowers the people of God.
    • He reveals the story of redemption.
  • The Story of Redemption, vv. 68-74
    • It has been written.
    • It has been realized.
    • It will be completed.
  • The Light of Christ, vv. 75-80
    • Malachi 4:2
    • It illuminates our lives with purpose.
    • It provides our lives with peace.