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Christ’s Prayer for His People

June 19 2022

Christ's Prayer for His People

June 19 2022
Mark Smith

Speaker: Mark Smith

Bible Passage: John

Pastor Mark takes us through John chapter 17. In this chapter we see that just before His arrest Jesus prayed for Himself, His Disciples and the future Church. He prayed for His people to be equipped in the Word, protected from spiritual adversity, and united love to share the gospel to the world.

Jesus Prays for Himself
-John 17:1-5
-John 3:16
-Hebrews 7:25-26

Jesus Prays for His Disciples
-John 17:11-12, 14-15
-To be Protected
-To be Sanctified
-John 17:16-19

Jesus Prays for His Church
-John 17:20-24
-To See Jesus’ Glory
-To Share Jesus’ Glory
-John 17:25-26