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1 Samuel | Help

June 22 2021
1 Samuel

1 Samuel | Help

Mark Smith

Speaker: Mark Smith

Our story in 1 Samuel continues with David going through a hard time. Having finally been classified as an enemy to King Saul, his circumstances seem grim compared to Psalm 121’s promise. His friend Jonathan’s advocacy, though noble and sincere, is limited in its effectiveness. David’s wife, Michal, pretty much takes every wrong approach to helping her husband, and leaves David in a marital hot mess. Lastly, when David seeks the safety of Samuel’s company, Saul sends swarms of agents to kill him. So if David–and ultimately us–are to believe our help comes from the Lord, how is any of this helpful? As we’ll discover, the Lord alone is our help, using all sorts of people and circumstances to fulfill His plans. Join us for today’s worship gathering to see the Lord’s merciful help on full display in messy situations.