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1 Samuel 8 | Dismissing our Difference

March 3 2021
1 Samuel

1 Samuel 8 | Dismissing our Difference

Mark Smith

Speaker: Mark Smith

The Christian life is marked by being different because of Who we follow, including where security can be found. Yet, we tend to seek security outside of God in the things that the rest of the world tries to offer. So how do we learn not to dismiss our difference in Christ but to remember what is uniquely found in Jesus? What happens when we are willing to give away everything to be like everyone else–particularly, to be ruled by the same kings as those around us? What can we gain by doing so and what do we lose in the process? In contrast, what do we gain by worshipping our unique God who, unlike earthly things and people, gives more than He takes? Listen to this sermon on 1 Samuel 8 by Pastor Mark Smith to explore these questions and more.

Sermon Outline

>> The Leadership Crisis

>> The Heart of the Matter

>> The Solemn Warning

– What an earthly king will take

– What your Heavenly King has given

>> Dismissing our Difference: Israel and Us

>> The Promise of Difference: Our God Renews to Restore

– Romans 8:38-39 (NLT translation)

For more questions to consider alone as you process this passage and sermon, or better yet in a small group (we call them Missional Communities), check out this guide: MC Study and Discussion Guide-2