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1 Samuel 7 | Spiritual Renewal

February 23 2021
1 Samuel

1 Samuel 7 | Spiritual Renewal

February 23 2021
Scripture: 1 Samuel
Andrew Arthur

Speaker: Andrew Arthur

Are you in need of spiritual renewal? Are you feeling spiritually lethargic? Do you feel as though sin and Satan have stolen the joy of your salvation? If so, you are not alone.

This experience as a Christian is not unique. Spiritual renewal is a need we all share at different points in our life of faith. According to God’s daily mercies, spiritual renewal is a reality we can all experience time and time again as we practice ordinary means of grace (i.e., prayer, fasting, confession of sins) and exercise utterly dependent faith in Christ.

1 Samuel 7:2-17 tells a story of spiritual renewal in the life of ancient Israel. By God’s grace, Israel reclaims territory lost to the Philistines as a result of God’s discipline in their lives. He handed them over to their enemies as a result of their sin. At the start of this passage, Israel started longing for the Lord once again. Through the prophet Samuel, God instructs Israel on how to pursue spiritual renewal and reminds them of the true power behind spiritual renewal. In the end, Israel’s experience a renewed relationship with the Lord marked by peace and prosperity. Likewise, a renewed relationship with the Lord is readily available for each of us too–for you.

Sermon Outline:

Big Idea: Spiritual renewal occurs through practicing ordinary means of grace and exercising utterly dependent faith in Christ.  

Sermon Outline

  • The Need for Spiritual Renewal: Recognition and Remorse (v. 2)
  • The Path to Spiritual Renewal: Repentance and Resolve (vv. 3-4)
  • The Power of Spiritual Renewal: Reliance and Remembrance (vv. 5-12))
  • The Promise of Spiritual Renewal: Restoration and Rest (vv. 13-17)


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