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1 Samuel 3 | In Need of God’s Word

January 24 2021
1 Samuel

1 Samuel 3 | In Need of God's Word

Andrew Arthur

Speaker: Andrew Arthur

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Why do we need God’s Word–the Bible? Into what type of life does God’s Word call us? How does Scripture minister among us?

In today’s sermon, Pastor Andrew Arthur examines important questions such as these in light of the prophet Samuel’s calling. At a time when God’s Word was scarce, His people suffered in spiritual darkness. In mercy, God raised up a prophet who would know Him personally and serve Him faithfully by administering His Word to His people. While we God’s Word is certainly not scarce today, appetite for it may be. So what are we to do? You can start by listening to this study on 1 Samuel 3-4:1a to hear how God’s Word breaks through spiritual darkness bringing with it the light of life.



• The Scarcity of God’s Word (1 Samuel 3:1b-3)
• The Calling of God’s Word (1 Samuel 3:4-10)

• God’s Word calls us to know Him personally.

• God’s Word calls us to serve Him faithfully.

• The Ministry of God’s Word (1 Samuel 3:11-4:1a)

• God speaks what He has already spoken.

• God’s Word afflicts the comfortable.

• God’s Word comforts the afflicted.


Download the supplemental sermon discussion and reflection guide best used in a group –> MC Study and Discussion Guide for In Need of God’s Word