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1 Samuel 27 | Life in the Real World

September 9 2021
1 Samuel

1 Samuel 27 | Life in the Real World

September 9 2021
Scripture: 1 Samuel
Andrew Arthur

Speaker: Andrew Arthur

Life in the real world is rarely black and white. Everything outside of Eden is colored with shades of grey.  One distinguishing feature of the Bible is that God’s Word does not shrink back from depicting the complexities of life in the real world. All the heroes of the faith get their hands dirty.  No one makes it through this life clean. 

After a string of narratives depicting the faithfulness and righteousness of Israel’s future king David, we come now to a narrative that shows him in different light. A passage revealing that even David can’t keep his hands clean in a fallen world. We may be inspired by parts of his story; we must not idolize him. He may be good at times, but he certainly isn’t God. David is like us in that he’s sinner. He’s trying to navigate life in the real world, which isn’t easy.

We all face moments when we don’t make the best decisions. We sin sometimes out of ignorance. Other times out we sin out of straight up rebellion against God and his ways. Fortunately, though, He is more committed to our redemption than we are.

And so, by His grace, we can deal with what’s real. We don’t have to conceal sin. We don’t have to pretend life is like our Instagram accounts where everything is glossy and clean. No, we can deal with what’s real and find God’s grace sufficient for all of it. 

So let’s explore together through this sermon with Pastor Andrew Arthur the implications for imperfect leadership, navigating a world that is full of grey, and more from 1 Samuel 27.
  • The Future King’s Exile (vv. 1-4)
  • The Future King’s Favor (vv. 5-7)
  • The Future King’s Raids (vv. 8-11)
  • The Future King’s Reputation (v. 12)