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1 Samuel 22 | King for the Outcasts

July 20 2021
1 Samuel

1 Samuel 22 | King for the Outcasts

Andrew Arthur

Speaker: Andrew Arthur

Sermon Overview

The kingdom of God is a kingdom occupied by people who have grown disenchanted with the world around them. They’ve experienced the world as an inhospitable place that is influenced far more by those who take from them than give to them. At some point, they found in themselves a desire in which no experience in this world could satisfy. That led them towards the king and the kingdom that had already come for them.

When Jesus showed up in the world, he proclaimed the good news of God saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!”

Jesus is saying make a decisive break from this disenchanting world and turn from the tyrannical kings who take everything from us and give nothing to us that lasts. And turn instead towards the true and better king who rules the eternal kingdom of God.

Outcasts find in relationship with Jesus the life and the purpose what their hearts have clamored for all along.

Today’s portion of King David’s story anticipates this reality. He takes refuge in a cave and there he would soon be joined by his family and by a ragtag group of Israelites. He proves the be a king for the outcasts because he understands, welcomes, leads, and cares for them in ways Saul never could or would.

Once again, David’s story anticipates the story of Jesus, the ultimate king for the outcasts. Join us today for Pastor Andrew Arthur’s sermon on 1 Samuel 22:1-5 as we consider the hope for the world, particularly Christians who find the world less and less hospitable to them and their faith.

Questions to Consider:

1) Do you often feel like this home is not your home? What are signs in your life that yourt heart and mind long for more?
2) Do you struggle with remembering this world is not your home? How can you tell if you are living as if you are an outcast or a permanent dweller?
3) Who has been sharing with you that they feel and sense that something is not as it should be with this world and they are looking for more? How can you help them discover the difference Jesus makes in all of life–including giving us a home in His Kingdom?

Sermon Outline:

1) A King who understands the outcast (v. 1a)
2) A King who welcomes the outcast (v. 1b)
3) A King who leads the outcast (v. 2)
4) A King who cares for the outcast (vv. 3-5)