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1 Samuel 18 | The Cost of Comparison

June 11 2021
1 Samuel

1 Samuel 18 | The Cost of Comparison

Jeff Hundley

Speaker: Jeff Hundley

In last week’s studied Bible passage, the young shepherd David did the unimaginable when he “singlehandedly” defeated an enemy of God’s people who appeared to everyone to be undefeatable. David became a national hero virtually overnight. Yet, in this week’s passage, not only do we read about the celebration that followed that great victory, we also see that not everyone was celebrating David’s success. In Saul and Jonathan, we will see two very different responses to David’s growing popularity. In Saul, we will see the signs and seriousness of envy taking root in the human heart. In Jonathan, we see a response of faith to David’s success and a humble recognition of and submission to the will of God in his life. As we study along with Pastor Jeff Hundley, may we respond by following in Jonathan’s footsteps.