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1 Samuel 14 | When A Hero Is Treated Like A Villain

April 28 2021
1 Samuel

1 Samuel 14 | When A Hero Is Treated Like A Villain

Andrew Arthur

Speaker: Andrew Arthur

Our culture is obsessed with heroes and villains. All the major movie franchise accentuates heroes and villains battling it out for either the deliverance or domination of others. Often, tensions arises when ambiguity between who the true heroes and villains are is created. For example, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight ends with Batman being treated like a villain.

As we walk through today’s passage with Pastor Andrew Arthur, we will see a similar dynamic at work in 1 Samuel 14:23b-52. The one Israel chose to be their hero—King Saul acts more like a villain. But, King Saul’s son, Jonathan, acts like a hero but is treated like a villain. There is where we shall find echoes of the gospel story centering on the true and better Son–the true and better Jonathan—the ultimate hero who was treated like a villain to become our hero.

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