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1 Samuel 13-14 | Confidence, Courage And Camaraderie

April 20 2021
1 Samuel

1 Samuel 13-14 | Confidence, Courage And Camaraderie

Mark Smith

Speaker: Mark Smith

The Bible is filled with stories of strength and weakness, faith and unbelief, overwhelming obstacles and unimaginable victories. We witness stories of people whose weaknesses never hinder God’s plans; in fact, weaknesses seem to emphasize God’s strength and power all the more.

Join Pastor Mark Smith in studying the next chapter in our Old Testament study of 1 Samuel and see how God goes before His people and invites believers to live an actionable faith marked with faithful confidence, resilient courage, and compelling camaraderie. As you do, may you be encouraged and challenged seeing the dynamic power of faithful confidence and camaraderie in the Lord.

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