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Revelation 21:1-8 | Cory Shiraishi, Wallingford Expression | “New Creation”

August 8 2022

Revelation 21:1-8 | Cory Shiraishi, Wallingford Expression | "New Creation"

August 8 2022

Cory Shiraishi

Cory takes us through Revelation 21:1-8. Here the bible teaches that faithful Christians will reign with Jesus in the new creation as in Eden. The mainstream narrative about “going to heaven when I die” is only part of the full biblical story. Looking at Rev 21:1-8, we see through the OT references that John is describing a renewed creation of both heaven and earth, and that the faithful believers are again given the mandate as in Gen 1, to rule the earth on God’s behalf. Understanding this ancient and enduring call means that Christians now should be engaged in that task as we wait for the life to come.


Robb Waldburger

Robb teaches though Luke 10:25-37. This sermon is being preached to people like me, the Christian who has read this passage hundreds of times. It starts with an impossible ask – to be perfect – which is only possible with Jesus. It goes on to tell a story of compassion. Compassion that: takes action, is universal and comes from Jesus’ resurrection alone.