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Nehemiah 8 | Frank Mayfield

February 25 2024

Nehemiah 8 | Frank Mayfield

February 25 2024
Scripture: Nehemiah
Book: Nehemiah

Nehemiah 8 is the beginning of a new section that deals with the renewal of
God’s covenant people which spans 8-10. We see the hunger for God’s word in the
people. When they hear it, they weep as they do not fully understand God’s disposition
towards them is one of love and compassion (whilst being a God of justice). When they
do understand the fullness of God’s character and purposes, it leads to a joyful
celebration and a renewal of spiritual disciplines like Succoth, which they commemorate
here in Chapter 8.

1. God’s word satisfies people’s hunger v1-6
2. God’s word brings profound comfort v7-11
3. God’s word leads to joyful celebration v 12-18