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Nehemiah 3

January 21 2024

Nehemiah 3

January 21 2024
Scripture: Nehemiah
Book: Nehemiah

Nehemiah 3 can look at first glance like a long and, dare we say, boring list of
names and places. A closer look, however, reveals a wealth of beautiful truth for us to
ponder. This chapter highlights that unity is possible even in a diverse group of people
when God is at work in and through them. We also see in this chapter that there is a
wide range of ways to serve in God’s kingdom that means anybody can do something
regardless of capacity and gifting. Lastly chapter 3 shows us about the importance of
humility in God’s kingdom and it reminds us that though other people may overlook our
efforts, God see it all and he is pleased when we have hearts that long for his glory and
not our own.

General Outline:

1. A divine building project
2. A diverse and united work party
3. A defined role for everyone