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Luke 11:27-36 | James Rayment | “Mary, the Whale and the Light”

January 8 2023

Luke 11:27-36 | James Rayment | “Mary, the Whale and the Light”

James Rayment

We live in a world where people desire truth but often only want it on their own terms. In this passage we see Jesus confronting this attitude. The people were wanting a sign to prove who Jesus really was but the truth is, there is no greater sign than Jesus Himself! We are to trust Jesus simply for who He is and not just for what He does. Our response to that truth is to reflect the glorious Light of Christ to a darkened world.


Peter Gatata

In this passage, Jesus rebukes the generation of people in His day who failed to put their faith in Him, regardless of all the signs and evidence they had been given to prove Jesus as God’s holy servant. They kept demanding that Jesus give them a sign from heaven to authenticate His ministry. But Jesus refused to give them any sign except the greatest sign of all, the resurrection. God had clearly and brightly lit the light of the gospel through the life of His Son, thus it was up to the people to make sure their hearts were open, ready and willing to embrace this light. But Just as Jesus revealed their hearts were wicked and full of sin, so our hearts are as well. Our only hope is Jesus and the gospel. Only Christ can help us in our faith and wickedness to draw to Him. He has drawn near to us; all we need is to open our hearts to receive Him and continue in Him.