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Luke 11:14-26 | “The Danger Of Religion” | Pastor Jeff Hundley

January 1 2023

Luke 11:14-26 | "The Danger Of Religion" | Pastor Jeff Hundley

Jeff Hundley

Speaker: Jeff Hundley

The religious leaders in Jesus’ day thought they were good with God, right with God and would be blessed by God based on what they did for God.  In today’s passage, Jesus warns us in a sobering way about approaching God with any sense of entitlement or expectation.  He reminds us how dangerous, deceptive and demonic a works-based approach to God can be, and how fortunate we are that He came for relationship not just empty religion.


  • -A Man Delivered (v.14)
  • -A Conclusion Drawn (vv.15-16)
  • -A Kingdom Divided (vv.17-23)
  • -A Danger Disclosed (vv.24-26)