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Luke 10:1-24 | James Beckman | “Four Actions to Live on Mission”

October 30 2022

Luke 10:1-24 | James Beckman | “Four Actions to Live on Mission”

James Beckman:

The sending of the 72 in Luke 10 is a meaty passage; it’s one of a select number of passages that ties in this many elements of the biblical story arc in one place. While this passage teaches us many things about Jesus’ ministry, it also teaches us the way God works through us to make disciples and build his Kingdom. Crucially, it reveals how we are to do this: not by our own strength, but by the strength and authority that Jesus has given us.


  • We must count the cost (v.1)
  • We are integral, but inadequate (v.2) 
  • God doesn’t always lead us around a challenge. Sometimes, he chooses to lead us through the challenge. (v.3) 
  • We must have:
    • An understanding of true peace (v.5-6)
    • A healthy fear of God that trumps the fear of man (v.4-11)
    • An understanding of God’s sovereignty (v.17)
      • Principalities (all supernatural powers)
      • Planets (the grandeur of creation)
      • Princes (nations and powers of this world)
      • People (you and me)
      • Panthers (flora & fauna)
  • Are we:
    • Living in the power and authority that Jesus has delivered to us?
    • Receiving the Word, versus receiving the Spirit and the Word (Acts 8:14-16)
    • Staying humble (v.20)
    • Taking up our belt sander (Ephesians 6)
      • Truth (v.14)
      • Righteousness (v.14)
      • Readiness given by the gospel of peace (v.15)
      • Faith (v.16)
      • Salvation (v.17)
      • The word of God (v.17)


Peter Gatata

The sending out of the seventy-two disciples gives us a snapshot into the true nature of what it means to be summoned and commissioned by Jesus to take the gospel to the lost. This passage provides us with spiritual insights as to what we are to be doing and saying as we go out in the name of Christ; it also highlights not only the earthly joys of serving Christ, but the eternal joy of being citizens of heaven.