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1 Peter 5:1-5a | Church Leadership

November 3 2020
1 Peter

1 Peter 5:1-5a | Church Leadership

Andrew Arthur

Speaker: Andrew Arthur

In this sermon on 1 Peter 5:1-5a, Pastor Andrew explores the difference Jesus makes in how we envision and execute leadership in the life of a local church. Rather than leading from the top down, disciples of Jesus lead—and are led—from the bottom up.

So what should leadership in the church look like? First off, it it builds upon Jesus, our Chief Shepherd, our Cornerstone. From there we see it builds upon the teachings of the Prophets and Apostles–Scripture. Then elders are given to the church to equip the saints for ministry and maturing in Christ. In this passage, the Apostle Peter zeroes in on the elders in the church. Through our study of 1 Peter 5:1-5 and supplemental passages (1 Peter 2 and 4, Mark 10:42-44, John 21:15-19, Hebrews 13:7; 17), we see that elders are to be accountable, interdependent, identifiable, exemplary and shepherd leaders who lead willfully, generously, and for the purpose of empowering not domineering.