Day 4 | Psalm 25

Many of us have experienced the shame that misplaced trust can bring. I once sat on my mother-in-law’s wicker chair trusting that it would hold me up. It did not. My family (not my MIL, obviously) found much humor in the fact that I thought the delicate chair could actually hold my weight. Where we place our trust matters for we do not want to be disgraced. Psalm 25 reminds us to place our trust in the LORD for He will not let that happen. He will not allow our lives to end in shame. 

Trust is hard to gain but easy to lose. The LORD has gained our trust by revealing His character to us. He is compassionate. He abounds in faithful love. The LORD will keep our trust by neither leaving nor forsaking us. He does not relate to us on the basis of our merits but on the basis of His unchanging character. We appeal with David, “Remember me because of your goodness, LORD” (v. 7). 

Of course, being willing to trust in someone other than the self requires humility. For to trust is to become vulnerable. It requires putting yourself at the mercy of another. If the other proves not to be trustworthy, then your life will end in disgrace. This is why so many are slow to trust anyone, especially the God who is invisible. 

Not many people want to risk becoming vulnerable. They are only comfortable trusting in themselves, but that is neither safe nor secure.  Sin and iniquity resides within each of us, leaving us with gaping holes in our character. We are not entirely trustworthy. Thus, we cannot sustain the onslaught of life in a fallen world. Internal and external distresses and struggles wear us down, exposing our inadequacies, and resulting in disgrace. 

When we fall through the wicker chair, the LORD is willing and able to pull us up. He redeems us from all our distresses. As we witness how He leverages His character for our redemption and not our ruin, He gains trust that He will never lose. 

We have all the more reason to be vulnerable with God because He willingly made Himself vulnerable for us. Our trust rests secure in the One who lived, died, and rose again. Jesus will never let us down. When all is said and done, He will only lift us up. So, we wait…


Written by Dr. Andrew Arthur | Lead Pastor, The Hallows Church | More resources at