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Awaiting the King: The Promise of Advent

The word advent literally means “coming.” The season of Advent is an opportunity for us to consider and to celebrate together the ‘comings’ of Jesus.

What We Are Celebrating

On the one hand, we reflect upon His first coming. We consider how the Old Testament prophets predicted His coming long before He came. We celebrate how He came, why He came, and what His coming means for us.

On the other hand, we also take time to focus our faith upon the promise and inevitability of Jesus’ return a second time to finish His work of making all thing new. His life as a ransom to secure our salvation through his life, death, and resurrection (Mark 10:45). But when He comes again, He promises to return as the conquering King to settle our salvation once and for all. As we reflect upon the two ‘comings’ of our King, we will find our lives adorned with humility and hope in the here and now.

This Year’s Daily Advent Guide

We designed this year’s devotional with passages that demonstrate the power of God’s Old Testament promises fulfilled by Christ in the New Testament. This side-by-side comparison is intendeded to reflect on the reality of the ‘comings’ of our King and Savior.

When Christians read the Scriptures in light of Advent, we are posturing ourselves in a place of waiting and expectation. We are awaiting the King, but we are not the only people in history to do so! So, this year’s devotional has a new unique element inside.

Each day you will see a quoted reflection from an author, pastor, theologian, or poet on the Scripture passage or theme for that day. Our desire is to join other saints in the church, both contemporary and historical, in celebrating God’s grand redemptive story of the coming King.

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Ways to Celebrate Advent in Community

1. Join in with others for the Sunday Worship Gatherings at 10:30 a.m. from November 29-December 20th online with the livestream to YouTube, Facebook and Zoom Worship Watch Party or in person with pre-registration.

2. Ask others in your house or friend group to join you for the daily Advent reading and discussion.

3. Share our Facebook Advent “Event” or Advent Instagram post to invite more people to see the reason for the hope that you have in these ever-changing times.