You’ve probably seen it in the news, read it on social media or experienced it yourself at some point–the reality that many in Seattle are surrounded by people but still feel isolated finding it hard to make meaningful relationships.

As a church, God has given us a unique ability and motivation to see people flourish in relationships–with Him and one another–believing no one should feel isolated or unseen. So as we enter the back half of summer, let’s make the most of the opportunities to engage our friends, co-workers and neighbors both in our daily rhythms of individual lives and together as a community.

I was first introduced to the beauty of the gospel through a friend who invited me to join her for something fun with her church, then I when I arrived, I remembered feeling so welcomed by everyone. She asked me if I’d like to join her again another time and of course, I said yes! Eventually the more I was with her community of Christians the more I heard, saw and experienced the beauty of the gospel. My guess is that my story is not unique in that way and there were Christians you may be able to recall extending you that intentional gospel-fueled hospitality.

This summer our church has planned several unique opportunities for you to invite others in to experience gospel-saturated community in West Seattle, Fremont/Phinney, and Shoreline/Edmonds through 3 Kids Camps, 3 Party in the Parks and 3 City Serve days at local schools. In this last summer month, let’s make the most of the extended daytime and ask the Holy Spirit to use us to display the love of a God who sees, hears and cares for our co-workers, neighbors and friends. Let’s press in and look out together to make the most of opportunities near you—whether it be this weekend’s Party in the Parks in Fremont and Edmonds, the Search and Rescue van in downtown Seattle on the third Friday, and/or City Serve in West Seattle on the 17th.


By Kim Arthur | Director of Communications