Before coming to college I had only seen one consistent life path, and I only got to see it from the outside. People found a job that they would be at for the rest of their lives, got married in college, and had kids a few years down the road. While this is a great life path, seeing only one made me think this was the path I had to take.

After going to college I met people at The Hallows who had all kinds of paths. I met people who never got married. I met people who not only changed jobs but whole career paths. I met people who let me step into their families as friends to their children in ways that I had never been able to experience before. Yet all of these people still had joyful lives of serving God across all of their different life paths!

I got to be a part of all of these experiences of life and they ALL helped to grow and stretch me in unique ways. So nothing makes me sadder than hearing someone say that they don’t think they have anything to bring to the Young Adult and Collegiate Ministry because they are too [fill in the blank]. Young people need to see and hear from people of all types of life stages and paths. So a note to anyone who has doubts about whether God can truly use you in this ministry.

Parents: From seeing how you chose the incredibly difficult path of loving your children as Christ loves us, I have learned more about how deeply Christ loves me. From your children, I have received love that I don’t always feel I deserve but I cherish.

Older adults: From your life experiences I have learned that there is a broader plan for my life that may not make sense now but God will use for His purposes.

Married folks: I have learned how choosing to love others is a life-long journey that takes commitment, perseverance, and trust in God.

Single folks: I have learned that I don’t need to be married to have a flourishing and fruitful relationship with Christ.

I could go on and on but I don’t think I need to. God can use anyone in this ministry because God can use any person so please don’t let your [fill in the blank with your excuse or fear] hold you back from serving God however He calls you.