One of the ways in which we reflect the Imago Dei is in our ability to be creative and in that creativity to reflect His beauty. This characteristic was on full display during our “Drawing Near” sermon series as we examined the attributes of God. Seven artists created 13 pieces of visual art that represented the attributes of God that were taught on. 

According to Pastor Jeff, “It’s been said that what comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us (A.W. Tozer). Indeed, a right conception of God is fundamental not only to our theology and worldview but to our worship and practical daily living too. So, we want to be intentional and diligent in our consideration of the full scope of who God has revealed himself to be.”

Thank you to Lily Hunter, Nanette Sakanashi, Amanda Hickernell, Charissa Bangs, Jarrod Murray, Christen Miyasato, and Megan Braaten for sharing these attributes of God through their own eyes.