We started our new sermon series called “Christ in You: the Hope of Judges” this past Sunday on…the Old Testament book of Judges!

Why study the biblical book of Judges? Studying a book titled “Judges” may not naturally excite many—it may seem more appropriate for a law school classroom than for a church service. Maybe it’s a book title that frightens you because you’ve had experiences with judgmental Christians, and you think, “This makes sense they would have a book in the Bible called Judges.”

If the idea of studying this book does not excite you or even frightens you (if you are suffering from a little bit of PTSD simply hearing the word “judge”), let’s talk about what this book is about. The book of Judges is about 12 men and women that God raised up over the course of 100s of years to deliver Israel from self-led dire situations and circumstances. So when you hear the word “judge” think “deliverer” because thats how they functioned in the nation of Israel at the time of these narratives. This book is historical (the events really occurred in history), prophetic (set in a specific time but meant to speak to the heart of all generations), graphic (it can get real real fast as it doesn’t hold back on details that can make us squirm), but most importantly its a messianic book, which means that no matter how dark things get there is hope. No matter how dark or hopeless this passing moment may seem to you whether inside or outside of you—there is always a light and high beauty that forever exists beyond the reach of darkness. There is always a Deliverer offering grace and deliverance over and over and over again. There is grace available to the people of God.

Catch up and hear the full sermon from our first Sunday in this series by going to http://www.hallowschurch.org/current-sermon-series/ or download the podcast from SoundCloud or iTunes. If you want to process the sermons in community (highly suggested), check out a Missional Community near you or on a night that works with your weekday rhythm. Every other week Missional Communities (MCs) meet to spur one another on towards faith and love in Christ through studying, discussing and applying the sermon together.